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Sky Power, LLC, based in New York and Philadelphia, is a renewable energy company focused on investing and developing Photovoltaic (PV) Systems (solar), wind and other clean energy technologies.

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Sky Power, LLC, based in New York and Philadelphia, is a renewable energy company focused on investing and developing solar, wind, and other clean energy technologies. Sky Power believes that these challenging times demand us to transform our perspectives on the use global energy and accelerate the development of alternatives based on the use of clean, renewable energy. 

Sky Power jointly shares resources, expertise and capital with Adumim Holdings founded in Tel Aviv. Dedicated to investing in the renewable energy field. Adumim has been involved in  the development and operation of renewable energy alternatives (with a specialty in solar and wind energy) since 2010 in Israel, and other areas in the developing world. It owns and operates over 100 grid connected solar installations  throughout Israel and is currently involved in the acquisition, ownership and development of more than 50 megawatts of solar and wind energy. Building on this successful track record,  the principals of Adumim have decided to invest in the United States through their newly created venture, Sky Power, LLC. Sky Power is affiliated with SkyREM, LLC active in the Metropolitan Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey real estate markets for over 30 years, and has holdings in real estate projects in major metropolitan markets from coast to coast. As a result, the Sky Power team possesses the knowledge and experience to pursue the development of solar opportunities and to efficiently integrate the PV System into any real estate asset. Sky Power also benefits from Adumim’s ability to access capital from private, public and institutional sources – giving Sky Power the flexibility to own, lease or finance virtually any PV System opportunity.

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Sky Power seeks to acquire and/or co-develop small utility-scale solar PV projects (1MW-20MW) that have a minimum of site control and interconnect issues. Sky Power funds its transactions through a combination of internal cash, existing investment partners and committed capital from highly regarded institutional investors.

  • Grid connected renewable energy facilities such as solar and wind. 

  • Ready to be built projects late stage with permits and licenses in place. 

  • Purchase existing operating projects. 




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